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Centrist Equality Party of the USA

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This is the bio for our founder and probable presidential candidate for 08'. After the party ages a bit we will replace this page with a party history page. Below are some links we recomend you check out.

Here is our bio for Kurt Canning, 2004 Presidential candidate. At the bottom of this page is some links that may help you along with the campaign
Name: Kurt Gary Canning
Age: 39                                 Birthdate: 11/15/1965
Hometown: Jacksonville, Fl.
Political Experience: Alderman 1998-2002, 3rd Ward of Jacksonville, Fl.
Buisness Experience: Canning runs a pet shop in The Woodlands, TX. Though he lives in Aldine. He loves animals and will never give up on his pet shop, presidency or not.
General Bio: Kurt Canning was born in Jacksonville, Florida on November 15, 1965. Through his childhood he experienced such things as the Nixon scandle ,segregation policies, and immigration reform. Even as a kid in the mid 70's, it horrified him to think that he was raised in a place as segregated and hateful as Jacksonville. From there, he vowed to never hate people because of their personal differences. At age nine, he got his first in depth look at the bible. He soon realized it hated people who thought differently than god, Kurt then said that he's been an athiest ever since. He became first intrested in politics in 1980. He wasn't to fond of Jimmy Carter or Ronald Reagan which lead to his statement that, "They were both to far one way or another on seemingly every issue."

 Canning cast his first vote in 1984 for Walter Mondale. He says, "I didn't keep up with the election all that well, I was busy working. I just remember watching Mondale during his speeches, I figured he had some good ideas and enough charisma to win, turns out I had them confused." Canning then voted for Dukakis in 88', and Perot in 92/96'. In 2000 Canning thought to himself a run for president. He soon disclaimed intrest and cast his vote for Ralph Nader. During his breif inspection of a candidacy he thought the issues that bugged him were the issues that no other politician would address. 

 Then in September of 2003, he started the party of ultra-moderates; the Centrist Equality Party. However,  Canning also felt the need to target fellow athiests and he is now helping remove religion and other personal choices of that nature out of goverment and out of our budget. Canning is a fairly charasmatic and sometimes an eccentric candidate that claims he will never change his veiws..."I may not be mainstream, but if you give me a chance the mainstream will mold to fit our moderates once again." Canning's run for 2004 is looking well, as is the groundwork for 2008.
Fun Facts:
Favorite Food:  Shrimp.
Favorite Book:  Any Steven King book.
Favorite Movie: The Ring "I was so glad to be visiting my grandparents the next day, in Montana where they dont have a TV."
Favorite Band: Nirvana
Favorite Comedian: George Carlin - Here is Canning's former party of choice, these guys are a huge inspiration to both Canning and the CEP. Canning has posted many intresting things on the forum, however it's a very busy forum so you might have to waddle through a couple of pages to find his posts. - This is Canning's individual website. It was designed by Melony Young, our campaign manager. She is a very talented web designer and several people think she did a wonderful job. On here you can post on Canning's web forum, or see his platform on abortion, affirmative action, balancing the budget, the environment, and several other issues.  Also has his contacts are listed here. - Darren Karr is the founder of Party-X, the entity in which we are trying to merge with. He has some very intresting platform ideals worth taking a look at. To access his party web page you can go to - We are trying really hard to get our party listed here, we encourage you to send them an e-mail insisting this. - Website created by former vice-presidential candidate, JR Dwyer. Another website by him is . Both are very intresting and I highly encourage that you check them out.

Elect Kurt Canning President 2004!