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Centrist Equality Party of the USA

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Party Principles established 2004.

The CEP is a political entity dedicated to supporting the needs and cares of all americans, and saving our national identity by truly restoring the idea that America is the land of the free. Our party has been dubbed the.."ultra-moderate party" This is because Canning and the rest of our Centralists have tried their hardest to develop a platform that isnt "ultra"-anything, but fair. To think that 36-40% of Americans do not consider themselves liberal or conservative, yet the major parties consistently neglect the idea of a centrist candidate. To neglect the idea of a platform that works well with everyones needs, is not only un-smart politics, but a poor way to run a country.

The Centrist Equality Party vows to do the following...
1) Crack down on illegal immigration, deport all illegal immigrants and begin strictly enforcing immigration laws. "Illegal immigration is a crime, ignoring it is an even worse crime." - Kurt Canning
2) Reduce the usage of oil and other fossil fuels. Create a dependency on Solar and Hydrogen based energies.Put current energy companies to work for the military to prevent unemployment and stock market crashes. "Some say its over religion, some say honor...however its plain and simple, we are fighting over oil. If we want peace, we need energy of our own." - Kurt Canning
3) Reduce goverment hand-outs to corporations and special intrest groups. "I would prefer to hand out money to the people rather than the rich CEO's of America. We have to tax people into the ground because of of bad ideas like this one."- Kurt Canning
4) Remain centrist and never drift left or right with our overall platform. Here is a part of a speech Kurt Canning gave in Bismarck, ND
" Liberals and Conservatives are two sides of the same coin. One leads you to freedoms and bankruptcy, the other to a bland over moral religious rights america with a few extra dollars in your pocket, but both lead to the same path, destruction. People shouldn't be forced to choose between money and freedoms. Comprimises shouldn't have to be made. A platform shouldn't neglect the needs of any one person...."
That is the all around basis for the Centrist Equality Party. We live to be moderate and have devised a platform that isn't "ultra"-anything but fair. We thank you greatly for looking into our principles and party.

Main  3 presidential priorities.

1) Completley remove religion and all forms of discriminative personal beliefs from government descisions and laws. Remove abortion laws, Same-Sex union laws, and "War on Drugs/Terror" policy. Remove bible from courtcases, remove god and Jesus Christ type entities from court descisions. Eliminate government funding towards any religious action or social movement.

2) Strengthen enviornmental policies. Enforce and stricten "Clean air / water Acts", and establish renewable energy as main energy source for the United States. Through time eliminate gasoline / oil from transportation completly. To prevent mass unemployment have all current energy companies begin developing weapon enhancements and other things of this nature for the military
3) Establish a balanced budget ammendment to keep America out of debt. This ammedment will state that "If the United States economy bleeds below 200,000, or has is put into debt..all funding will be cut or temporarily eliminated." This country will will never be in debt under this plan.

Elect Kurt Canning President 2004!