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Welcome to the Centrist Equality Party...

The Centrist Equality Party is a moderate political party with a platform that isnt ultra-anything but fair. Which is how we got our nickname the "ultra-moderates". We believe that Americans deserve the social freedoms of the left, but not the painful taxes. We believe that Americans deserve the high cash-flow of the right, but not the personal restrictions. You may know this better as "Social Liberal Fiscal Conservative" or "SLFC". People and the media right this stance off as cliche and "bland", because so many unsuccesful politicians "support" it. However, NO ONE has supported this policy. Many have claimed it, but their posistions were always to far left for fiscal conservatism and too far right social liberalism. Here are a few people that come to mind..

Henry Ross Perot: We here at the Centrist Equality Party appreciate Ross as a majority of us voted for him in 92' and 96'. However, Ross Perot WAS NOT fiscally conservative. If you remember correctly, Ross wanted to greatly increase taxes for everyone and to increase the gas tax. Also, he supported an increase in business tax and domestic taxes (alchohol,cigarettes). This is the best example of being to fiscally liberal to be "SLFC".

John McCain: McCain, though he has a good platform, is to socially conservative to claim this title. He supports such things limiting abortions to rape and life endangerment. He also supports an increase in military budget, limiting immigration (not controlling it), and "not hesitating to use military force". This throws McCain to far to the right to hold our title.

So to say the least we are the first party acctually nominating candidates that hold this posistion. The Reform Party comes to mind for alot of people with this idea, but by nominating the extreme-right (Pat Buchanun) and the extreme-left (Ralph Nader) this party flip-flops to much to have a defined posistion. If you like our posistions and principles than I urge you to join and help us start the "ultra-moderate" revolution, by expanding this party to bigger heights, we can once again have a middle-ground.

CEP Presidential Candidate Kurt Canning
"The ultra-moderate candidate"


+ 11/11 We are trying to get some advertising done. I beg of our supporters to please assist us with this by getting the word out anyway possible. We here at the Centrist Equality Party are in threat of termination if we dont pick up the pace. We dont want your money as it goes against our principles, however any volunteer work such as, helping with the website, designing flyers or campaign signs would be of great assistance.
+ 11/12 Platform commitee has reached a consensus on majority of issues today. We have updated our National Political Awarness Test (NPAT) and are working on our party principles.

"Good ideas come from the left and right, but great ideas come frome the middle"- Ross Perot

Elect Kurt Canning President 2004!